Perth Training & Obedience Dog Club Inc

Our Dog Club is an all breeds club, dedicated to teaching you how to train your dog using positive reinforcement methods

Perth Training & Obedience Dog Club Inc

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Due to not having enough Trainers for Agility:
We will not be taking anymore Beginners Agility Enrolments for 2015
Term 3 Enrolments are closed
Term 4 Enrolment Dates:
Wednesdays at 7-7:25pm
22nd & 29th of July, 5th of August
Fridays at 7-7:25pm
24th of July, 31st of July
Obedience Training
Wednesday Nights - 7:30-8:30PM

Agility Training 

Friday Nights - 7:00PM Setup

Can you help your club would you like to be more involved can you volunteer?
Perth Training and Obedience Dog Club needs Beginner/Intermediate Agility Instructors to teach Agility on Fridays
If you can help with Agility please email us

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Club Membership Details
Single Membership is $50 Lighting Fees $20
per dog / handler team, term & venue 
Joint Membership is $60 + Lighting Fees $20 
per dog / handler team, term & venue
  • (2 people 1 dog)
  • (2 people 2 dogs from the same household)
  • (1 person 2+ dogs from the same household - this applies to Agility as you can have 1 handler and multiple dogs)
Membership includes both Agility & Obedience - Lighting Fees Apply
When & Where 
We Train
Obedience - Wednesday Nights 

Agility - Friday Nights

7:00PM Setup

Next Enrolment Date:
Wednesday 22nd July at 7:00-7:25 pm
Our club is an all breeds club, dedicated to teaching you how to train your dog using positive reinforcement methods.
We welcome anyone who is interested in teaching their dog life skills, obedience, agility and rally o, from the basics right through to competition standard. 
Obedience Training Terms 2015:
Term 2 - 4th of Feburary to 1st of April
Term 3 - 22nd of April to 1st of July
Term 4 - 22nd of July to 23rd of September
New Membership Year (Oct 2015-Sept 2016)
Term 1 - 14th of October to 9th of December


Agility classes are held for beginners looking to have a fun night out with their dogs, through to competition level. All dogs must be 12 months of age to commence jumping, and it is helpful, but not compulsory to have some obedience training. Your dog must be able to return to you when recalled.

Agility Training Terms 2015:
Term 2 - 6th of Feburary to 27th of March
Term 3 - 24th of April to 3rd of July 
Term 4 - 24th of July to 25th of September
New Membership Year (Oct 2015-Sept 2016)
Term 1 - 16th of October to 11th of December

How do you enrol and become a member?
We do not take bookings. 
Classes are run during school terms -enrolments are taken for the first 3 weeks of term only at Obedience & first 2 weeks at Agility Training nights.  
Dogs 13 weeks and older are welcome at our classes. Children are welcome but if handling a dog must be 12 years or over and always accompanied and supervised by an adult.
How to Enrol
To become a member of our club you need attend one of the enrolment dates (see above) and bring the following with you:
  • Membership form
  • Vaccination paperwork
    • Vaccination Certificates
    • Vet letters confirming vaccination
    • Vet letters confirming results from Titre testing are high enough to not need vaccinating
  • All monies for the cost of membership & lighting fees
  • Your dog with the following (Please read PTODC Rules)
    • Fixed collar, slip collars, martingales  (no choker or chain collars)
    • Cotton webbing leads or leather leads (no flexi, extender leads or chain leads to be used in classes)
    • Water for both you and the dog
    • Treat pouch filled with food rewards - suggestions:
      • garlic or plain polony, chicken, ziwipeak
      • food needs to smell yummy and be soft enough to swallow quickly - chewy dog treats are not recommended
Your yearly membership includes both Obedience & Agility classes you just have to pay the lighting fees for each venue.
If you have any concerns about joining or would like to ask some questions before joining please contact us via our Contact Us page.