To become a member of our club you need to register online and attend one of the enrolment dates at one of the training venues. Please bring the following with you:

  • Membership form - Click to Register
  • Vaccination paperwork
    • Vaccination Certificates or
    • Vet letters confirming vaccination if you do not have vaccination certificates or
    • Vet letters confirming results from Titre testing are high enough to not need vaccinating
  • Membership and lighting fees in cash or cheque - Click to jump to - Membership & lighting fees
  • Your dog with the following (Please read PTODC Rules)
    • Fixed collar, slip collars, martingales or harness  (no choker or chain collars)
    • Cotton webbing leads or leather leads (no flexi, extender leads or chain leads to be used in classes)
    • Water for both you and the dog
    • Treat pouch filled with food rewards - suggestions cooked chicken, soft easy to eat treats, chicken, ziwipeak, food needs to smell yummy and be soft enough to swallow quickly - chewy dry dog treats are not recommended
Your yearly membership includes both Obedience & Agility classes you just pay the lighting fees for each venue & for each dog.
If you have any concerns about joining or would like to ask some questions before joining please Contact Us.